Individual Loans

Loans are aimed at financing capital loans to micro and small individual entrepreneurs with registered businesses.

Individual loans are business loans offered to small and medium established businesses and aim of the loan is to increase working capital into existing businesses.

The minimum loan amount Tshs. 500,000, with a maximum loan amount of up to Tshs. 20,000,000. Loans can be taken over a period of six to twelve months and interest is charged on the reducing balance.


Individual business loans are reliable and processed quickly. A top up loan is available and service is provided near residence/business. Loan payments payments can be made monthly payments and though the mobile phone. 


Individuals must have business that possess TIN number, business license, collateral, and two year business experience. Guarantees may be personal or corporate. The will be an inspection of collateral and legal perfection of collateral and guarantees prior to approval. Movable collateral may include vehicles, household property or business assets and immovable collateral may include as land. The application fee for individual loans is Tshs. 20,000 and there is an additional processing fee of 2% of the loan amount. To be applicable for the loan, the applicant must be resident within the branch designated area of operation.